Bairactar Memorial - Marbach / Germany 2010


International B-Show

Bourhani Psylesia (Lesmo x Psynesica)
bred and owned by Hannelore Bourdeaux / GE
2nd place 2 year old fillies and Junior BRONZE Champion Filly

Sassicia (True Colours x Prieta)
bred and owned by Kapsch Arabians / AT
2nd place yearling fillies

Ornella (El Sher-Mann x The Only Star)
bred and owned by Kapsch Arabians / AT
3rd place yearling fillies

Festival Du Cheval Arabe - Chateau d´ Ittenwiller / France 2010

Scarlett OS

International C-Show

Scarlett OS (WH Justice x Shaklavanda)
owned by Verena Heiss / GE - Classwinner yearling fillies,
Junior GOLD Champion Filly and BEST IN SHOW FEMALE

Nawawy Al masaeed (Khalid Saqr x Lolowa el Mousa)
bred and owned by Al Masaeed / EG
Classwinner 4-6 year old stallions and Senior GOLD Champion Stallion

Itlalah Albadeia (Simeon Sharav x Sondos Albadeia)
bred and owned by Dr. Nasr Marei / EG
2nd place 4-6 year old mares and Senior BRONZE Champion Mare

MZ Kjbrjya (QR Marc x LA Korona)
bred and owned by Zinniker, MZ Arabians / CH
3rd place yearling fillies

Mingos El Corazon (Kubinec x Mingos Esperanza)
owned by Brigitte Lengyel / GB
2nd place 3 year old colts

Simeon Sharav (Asfour x Simeon Shuala)
owned by Dr. Nasr Marei / EG
3rd place 7 year and older stallions

A great big thank you to all of my clients and there trust in us and to my TEAM and Luca Oberti who made this show a success!

Photo: © M.Groger

Junia Eleonora Quaderer is born

Junia Eleonora Quaderer born on 16.06.2010

Specifically Equine welcomes there new and youngest team member ever :-) We are happy you're here!

We proudly present Sarab Albadeia

Sarab Albadeia (Marajj x Itlalah Albadeia)
Good luck for his first show debut this weekend in france!