Behind the scene

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Horses are the girls best friend ;-)

Pasture time at SETC - e.g. Monti having fun playing with his ball

Fun pictures behind the show scene with Bourhani Montashar

Junias first riding lesson

Portos playing football

Bourhani Montashar

LTR: Regal Spirit KA and Bourhani Montashar under saddle

LTR: Safar Nahboy enjoying a ride outside and Mary with Nina

Perla enjoing the pasture

L.A. Thaia enjoying a ride with Michelle

Mary with Simeon Sharav

"Mary" Christmas ...

LTR: Sakkara Camel Ride with Albert Sorrocca March 2007 and the specifically Equines newest Addition!

Mary with Carlos and Buddy

Mary on Miss Intelligence in Cairo 2006

Photos: © Private, C.Toischel, M.Groger