Arabesque International Festival - Baden-Baden / Germany 2008

Bourhani Montashar

Egyptian Cup

Bourhani Montashar (Simeon Sharav x Sharvarll Montanah)
bred and owned by Hannelore Bourdeaux / GE
2nd place 1-3 year old colts and Junior Reserve Champion Colt

Pyramid Lahleh (Authentic Dahman x Pyramid Laneya)
3rd place yearling fillies

TF Shamaal (Botswana x Shaamis Amira)
owned by B. Garret / EG
2nd place 2 year old colts

Hamra Alimaar (Ali Valentino x Kaliya)
owned by Robert Laimgruber / AT
2nd place 4-6 year old stallions

Amira Faarisah

International B-Show

Jason S (Major x Jakaranda T)
bred and owned by Schäfer / GE
Top Five yearling colts

LA Nadeshnij (Marajj x Nil Nouza)
owned by Egli-Zurkirchen / CH
Top Five yearling colts

Shikuulaata CMP (Aaliyah´s Sadik x GR Sangara)
bred and owned by Pistorius / AT
Top Five 2 year old fillies

Davinity FM (Davinci FM x Echo Lee Ja)
owned by Foreman / GB
Top Five 3 year old fillies

Al Shareefa (CH El Brillo x Scarlett)
owned by Schläpfer Family, Emaj Arabians / CH
Top Five 3 year old fillies

Amira Faarisah (Sandstorm JC x Lilla Faarisah)
bred and owned by Blutbacher Family / GE
3rd place 7-9 year old mares

Bourhani Montashar

Amira Faarisah

Hamra Alimaar

Photos: © M.Groger