Bahrain National Horse Show 2009

AALI B´ KHOUR - Classwinner 2 year old fillies and Reserve CHAMPION Filly
RO´ BAT AL NAIF - Classwinner yearling fillies
AALI PIANO - 3rd place yearling fillies
KHAILAA AL NAIF - 2nd place 2 year old fillies
TALLAHT AL NAIF - 2nd place 3 year old fillies

TOUFAN AL ZOBAIR - Classwinner 2 year old colts and CHAMPION Colt
AJ BAHE - Classwinner yearling colts and Reserve CHAMPION Colt
AALI BUGATTI - 2nd place yearling colts
AF SHANIK - 3rd place 3 year old colts

SHAHD AL SHAQAB - Classwinner and Reserve CHAMPION MARE
JAWAHER AL KHALIDIAH - 2nd place 4 year old mares
NOOF AL SHAQAB - 2nd place older mares

Congratulations to Aali Stud, Bahrain for all there winners!