International Days of Arabian Horses - Ströhen / Germany 2009

Nawawy Almasaeed

International B-Show

Nawawy Almasaeed (Khalid Saqr x Lolowa el Mousa)
bred and owned by Al Masaeed / EG
Classwinner 3 year old colts

Nawawy Al Masaeed

National C-Show

Bourhani Psylesia (Lesmo x Psynesica)
bred and owned by Bourhani Arabians / GE
2nd place yearling fillies

Malaga J (Ekstern x Starlight)
owned by Zimmermann, Amurath Stud / GE
2nd place 3 year old fillies

Sky (El Sid x Roma)
owned by Esterbauer / IT
2nd place yearling colts

Bourhani Montashar (Simeon Sharav x Sharvarll Montanah)
bred and owned by Bourhani Arabians / GE
3rd place 2 year old colts

Photos: © M.Groger