Austrian Championships - Wels / Austria 2011

Lady Satyn

Austrian Nationals

M.M. FABIUS (Lorenzo El Bri x MM Fantasy)
bred and owned by Mario Matt, Mario Matt Arabians
Classwinner 1-3 year old colts and Junior GOLD Champion Colt

Lady Satyn (Satyn El Jamaal x Lakmee El Shaklan)
owned by Robert Laimgruber
Classwinner 4 year and older mares and Senior GOLD Champion Mare

Hamra Alimaar (Ali Valentino x Kaliya)
owned by Robert Laimgruber
3rd place 4 year and older stallions and Senior BRONZE Champion Stallion


International A-Show

Sassicia (True Colours x Prieta)
bred and owned by Kapsch Arabians / AT
Top Five 2 year old fillies

Bourhani Marjal (Marajj x Focus Jaleesa)
bred and owned by Bourhani Arabians / GE
2nd place 2 year old colts

Masaij (Marajj x Pagoda)
bred and owned by Thomas Zügner / GE
3rd place 2 year old colts

Marjan Albidayer (Marajj x Pustynna Droga)
owned by Marjan Syndicate Europe
Top Five 3 year old colts

Photos: © M.Groger