German Championships - Aachen / Germany 2012

Marjan Albidayer

Marjan Albidayer (Marajj x Pustynna Droga)
owned by the Marjan Syndicate Europe
Classwinner 4-7 year old stallions and Senior GOLD Champion Stallion

Mouammar (Gazwan Al Nasser x Amurath Mofeedah)
bred and owned by Gerd Meixner, Meixner Arabians
Classwinner yearling colts and Junior SILVER Champion Colt

Bourhani Aldebaran (Ajman Moniscione x MF Helona)
bred and owned by Hannelore Bourdeaux, Bourhani Arabians
2nd place yearling colts and Junior BRONZE Champion Colt

BO.A.S. Ashjana (Bolero EM x Asia MG)
bred and owned by Ruth Wenzel, Bolero Arabian Stud
Bronze Foal Champion


QA Karim (Kalif OS x Padrons Psytadela)
bred and owned by Quinta Arabica
top five colt foals

Bourhani Marsica (Marajj x Psynesica)
bred and owned by Bourhani Arabians
top five yearling fillies

Angel Afrikhan Queen (TF Afrikhan Shah x Angel Aziza)
owned by Amurath Stud and Meixner Arabians
Classwinner 2 year old fillies

HS Kiova (Nagadir x Kirinova)
bred and owned by Scherle Family
3rd place 7 year and older mares

Bourhani Aldebaran

BO.A.S. Ashjana

Angel Afrikhan Queen

Photos: © M.Groger