Austrian Championships - Wels / Austria 2013

SA Stivada

Austrian Nationals

Galahad Juliver (WH Justice x Baswani)
bred and owned by Robert Laimgruber, Galahad Arabians / AT
2nd place yearling colts and Junior SILVER Champion Colt

SA Stivada (Stival x GF Kavada)
bred and owned by Maria Schaufler, Shamar Arabians / AT
2nd place 2 year old fillies

International B-Show

Kankan MAF (Elart x Katun)
owned by Kathrin Hampe, EOS Arabians / CH
2nd place 7-10 year old mares and Senior BRONZE Champion Mare

Bourhani Psylesia (Lesmo x Psynesica)
bred and owned by Hannelore Bourdeaux, Bourhani Arabians / GE
3rd place 4-6 year old mares

Photo: © M.Groger