All Nations Cup & German Championships - Aachen / Germany 2013


German Nationals

Angel Afrikhan Queen (TF Afrikhan Shah x Angel Aziza)
owned by ZG Zimmermann, Amurath Stud and Meixner Arabians
Classwinner 2-3 year old fillies and Junior SILVER Champion Filly

Mouammar (Gazwan Al Nasser x Amurath Mofeedah)
bred and owned by Gerd Meixner, Meixner Arabians
Classwinner 2 year old colts and Junior BRONZE Champion Colt

MF Helona (JD Chalice x Heloisa)
owned by Hannelore Bourdeaux, Bourhani Arabians
Classwinner 8 year and older mares and Senior BRONZE Champion Mare

Angel Afrikhan Queen

Bourhani Bint Al Hawa (QR Marc x AB Bellissima)
bred and owned by Hannelore Bourdeaux, Bourhani Arabians
3rd place filly foals

Juss Perlito (Aja Justified x CC Edina Pearl)
bred and owned by Manuela Kusel, Shalimar Arabians
3rd place 3 year old colts

All Nations Cup

MZ-Djlshada (QR Marc x MZ-Djamira)
owned by Schläpfer Family, Emaj Arabians / CH
TOP FIVE 2 year old fillies

Angel Afrikhan Queen

MF Helona

MF Helona

Bourhani Bint Al Hawa

Juss Perlito

Angel Afrikhan Queen

Photos: © M.Groger