International Days of Arabian Horses - Ströhen / Germany 2008

MF Helona

National C-Show

Jason S (Major x Jakaranda T)
owned by Dubravsky Arab / CZ
2nd place yearling colts and Junior Reserve Champion Colt

MF Helona (JD Chalice x Heloisa)
owned by Bourhani Arabians / GE
Classwinner 4-5 year old mares and Senior Champion Mare

MACCHIAVELLI (Kubinec x Madrepora)
bred and owned by Rengers / DE
3rd place yearling colts

Bourhani Montashar (Simeon Sharav x Sharvarll Montanah)
bred and owned by Bourhani Arabians / GE
Top Five yearling colts

Arabica National C-Show - Frankfurt / Germany 2008

MACCHIAVELLI (Kubinec x Madrepora)
owned by Mrs. Rengerts / GE
Junior Reserve Champion Colt

Stallion Licensing - Aachen / Germany 2007

Gold Ribbon Premium Stallions:

VERGIL (El Amin x Virginia) owned by Stöckle, Osterhof Stud / GE

PSYRASSIC (Psytadel x Karoba) owned by Albidayer Stud / UAE

Silver Ribbon Stallions:

BA ROYAL HAKIM (Om El Extreem x FS Halima) owned M. Horn-Herbig / GE

White Ribbon Stallions:

GF GIPS GHOST (Gips x Kuvadis) owned by Fischer Stud / GE

All Nations Cup & German Championships - Aachen / Germany 2007

German Nationals

ABA KALANI KHAN (Ali Khan x Verala)
bred and owned by Nicole Wagner-Liebold
Reserve Champion Colt

All Nations Cup

ZAWAH DE LAM (AS Kayro x ET Wilaya De Lam)
owned by Alain Coural / FR
2nd place yearling fillies

International B-Show - Ströhen / Germany 2007

Pustynna Droga

Pustynna Droga (Laheeb x Pustyna)
owned by Albidayer Stud / UAE
Classwinner 6 year and older mares and Senior Reserve Champion Mare

Photo: © M.Groger

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