Mediterranean International A-Show - Menton / France 2007

SG WELVET (SDP Taylor x Wiolett)
owned by Franchini, Scuderia Groane / IT
2nd place yearling fillies

Arabica National C-Show - Frankfurt / Germany 2007


MF HAYDAR (JD Chalice x Heloisa)
bred and owned by Kirschner Family / GE
Classwinner 2 year old colts and Junior Champion Colt

BA ROYAL HAKIM (Om El Extreem x FS Halima)
bred and owned by Marlene Horn-Herbig / GE
2nd place 2 year old colts and Junior Reserve Champion Colt

Photo: © M.Groger

Austrian Championships - Wels / Austria 2007


International A-Show

ABA KALANI KHAN (Ali Khan x Verbala)
bred and owned by Nicole Wagner-Liebold / GE
Classwinner yearling colts and Top Five Junior Colts Championship

Metallica (Khidar x Menina)
owned by Barbara Schwarz, Cafra Arabians / GE
Top Five 2 year old fillies

WIOLETTA (Sharkassow x Walewska)
owned by Langhardt, Thoraya Arabians / AT
Top Five 2 year old fillies

TABAQUE (Laman HVP x Nevina)
bred and owned by T. Zügner / AT
Top Five 3 year old colts

Psyrasic (Psytadel x Karoba)
owned by Sh. Mohammed Bin Saoud Al Qassemi / UAE
2nd place 4-6 year old stallions

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